About me

I still remember those times that my Dad used to bring me to his office, for a simple reason that no one will oversee me at home. Nostalgic as it is, I can still remember what my Dad’s office looks like. Surrounded by few designers, in their own element at their very own slanted big table and just a lamp as their guided light. My whole day revolves around gathering spare art boards I can use to create something. End up I managed to create a small brief case made of boards, with all my drawings placed inside it. You can imagine how my day was for the entire day. Right then and there, I knew I’ll follow my Father’s footstep as an artist. Up to this moment, I inherit that talent when I was a kid, and never regret a day that I choose this profession and be passionate about it.
I’m not your typical art director, that is just gonna come up with a big idea, or provide you with an excellent key visual execution. I believe in connection, the results more than anything else. As an artist, I can attest that sometimes you need to suck up your ego just to get the things done. I am up for both, I am for the benefit and not just a single voice. It’s important for me to listen and justify before you object. That gives me the perspective of where I should position myself in different situations. There’s a big space to breathe, and knowing your worth gives you the assurance that you’re the best person to fits that role. 
And that makes you infinite.
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